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The creation of the traditional Peking duck dish is something that requires a careful knowledge of an age-old skill. Therefore the Chef must go through years of training.  Prepared the same way since the Imperial era, this Chinese dish is an important cultural cornerstone. As such, the Peking Duck process for sourcing the meat, marinating, roasting and serving the duck is very important.


The crisp skin combined with the correct fat to meat ratio is something that can’t be replicated utilizing shortcuts of any kind. Far too many people have been fed an inferior product, and there’s a very telling difference between commercially prepared Peking duck and the authentically prepared dish.



Chang 'An Restaurant serves as a “Miniature Cultural Museum” of Chang ‘An as the foundation of our décor. The most appropriate opportunity for diners to appreciate Chinese culture is when savouring a meal and for this reason every dish in our unique menu of Shaanxi food is inspired by Chang An philosophy. The wisdom and creativity of our chefs, through their specialized cuttings skills, knowledgeable palate, expertise in ingredients, flavouring, cooking time control and food plating, all combine to produce exquisite dishes. In addition to our cultural pursuit, Chang 'An Restaurant is equally relentless in upholding the superior standards for its food materials, tastes and food safety. 

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